Stone-Creek Ranch
Stallion Breeding Contract
Stone-Creek Ranch
2219 Ethan Springs Rd.
Asheboro, NC 27205
Mike Kennedy
Tammy Gibson (336)465-5419
Please complete and sign this contract, use a separate contract for each mare
Return to Stone-Creek Ranch with your $50.00 booking fee and a copy of the mare’s
registration papers.
For the breeding season:   _______
Expected breeding month: _______
This agreement is made between the mare owner, Mike Kennedy and Tammy Gibson doing
business for Stone-Creek Ranch.
Mare Owner:_________________________________________
Email: ____________________ Day phone:_________________
                                      Evening phone:_______________
The mare owner agrees that he/she is the registered owner or agent for the
registered  mare named: _________________________________________
Color: ________________Age:_____Registration number:__________
AQHA  APHA TB other (circle one) If other selected, specify______________
The mare owner and Stone-Creek Ranch agree to breed the above named mare to the
Registration number:       
Owned by: Mike Kennedy For a breeding fee of  $250.00
A non-refundable booking fee of $ 50.00 is payable upon the execution of this
breeding contract. This fee is applied toward the breeding fee. The booking fee is
not refundable.
Mare care fees: Stall: $5.00 per day
The breeding season is in force for this contract of the year stated above. If the above
mentioned fees are not paid, the stallion owner reserves the right to assert a breeders lien.
No horse will be allowed to leave Stone-Creek Ranch property unless all breeding, medical,
and boarding fees are paid in full. Stone-Creek Ranch will pursue legal collection activities
on any unpaid balances greater than 30 days from breeding date. All expenses incurred
collecting delinquent accounts shall be the responsibility of the mare owner. All mares will
arrive on the farm halter broken, with a negative coggins, and current on all vaccinations.
Breeder will exercise judgment consistent with recognized standards in care and supervision
of mare and/or foal. Nevertheless, the mare owner agrees that Stone-Creek Ranch will not be
responsible for accidents,sickness, theft, escape, or death to the above stated mare and/or foal
while on the Stone-Creek Ranch property. Breeder will arrange veterinarian and farrier services
as necessary. Medical care will be administered as deemed necessary for the health and safety
of the mare and/or foal. All veterinary and farrier expenses will be paid by the
mare owner.
The stallion owner agrees to diligently try to settle the mare; however, if the mare fails to settle in
two (2) cycles, the stallion owner and stud manager shall be held blameless and the mare owner
has two options : (1) get a veterinarian involved to determine the mare’s potential problem,
               (2) roll the breeding over to the following year. Another $50.00 re-booking fee
will be assessed to breed the mare or a substitute mare (if acceptable to the stallion owner) the
following year. The mare owner agrees that the stallion owner does not make any guarantees as
to the quality or conformation of the foal nor that the foal will be free of any inherited trait, infirmity,
conformation defect or disease. Stone-Creek Ranch offers a live foal guarantee: if the mare does
not settle during the current breeding season, aborts, or does not have a live foal that stands and
nurses, then the mare owner will be entitled to one free breeding during the following breeding year
only to the above named mare or a substitute mare(if acceptable to the stallion owner). If the mare
owner fails to provide the mare (or a substitute mare if mutually agreed upon as stated above) for
breeding the following year, then any and all fees paid shall not be refundable; the right to breed is
thereby cancelled and the stallion owner is released from any further obligation what so ever.
Under the guarantee, only the breeding fee is free. A re-booking fee of $50.00 will be assessed the
following year. The mare owner will also be responsible for all additional  fees, collection fees and/or
mare care for the return breeding. The live foal guarantee is completed with the mare being checked
in foal after the breeding. The following conditions apply for a re-breeding guarantee:
1. Stone-Creek Ranch must be notified of the abortion or death of the foal within 48 hours by phone,
email, or fax. A signed, written statement must follow within a week of the phone call from a licensed
veterinarian stating the cause of the loss of pregnancy or death of the foal and that the foal did not
stand and nurse.
2. A licensed veterinarian must check the mare in foal between 14 and 30 days after the last
breeding date. A second check must be made between 60 and 90 days after the last breeding date.
All pregnancy checks must be done by a licensed veterinarian and with an ultrasound. Rectal palpation
confirmations of pregnancy will not be accepted. Written confirmation of the pregnancy must be
turned into Stone-Creek Ranch.
3. The mare must receive the appropriate vaccinations during and prior to the mare foaling.
Should the above named mare die or become unfit for breeding, the mare owner shall be entitled
to breed a substitute mare that is acceptable to the stallion owner. The substitute mare must be
owned by the mare owner, not a third party. A written application of substitution must be made to the
stallion owner specifying the name, breed registry, registration number and ownership of the substitute
mare. The stallion owner is under no obligation to grant a request for the breeding of a particular
substitute mare.
A breeder’s certificate will be issued to the mare owner only after all expenses have been paid in
full and upon notification of a live foal. The mare owner will be solely responsible for seeking registration
of the resulting foal in the appropriate breed registry/registries and will pay all associated fees or
This contract is not valid unless completed in full. The mare owner’s signature on this contract
certifies that he/she has read and fully understands all the terms and conditions outlined herein, and
accepts this contract as a legal and binding instrument on behalf of the owner, owner’s heirs, successors,
and assigns. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties. No other agreements,
whether verbal or implied, are included. Any amendments to or modifications of the terms of this
agreement must be in writing. This contract may not be transferred or assigned by mare owner without
the prior written consent of the stallion owner.
Mike Kennedy
Tammy Gibson
Mare owner/Agent Signature

Please return this signed with booking fees. Make checks and money orders payable to
Mike Kennedy. Mail to:
2219 Ethan Springs Rd. Asheboro, NC 27205